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Personality Disorder?

I've always had an anger issue but I also have had severe anxiety and paranoia. I've had few episodes where I would get upset and a completely different personality would come out of me. I was aware of what I was saying and how I was saying it didn't feel like it was me and I felt like I wasn't in control. I almost felt possessed. This has never happened randomly. It has only happened when I would get upset. Can someone tell me if this could mean I have some kind of personality disorder or if I just have a sever anger issue?
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Only a professional can diagnose and it has to be one on one. Another problem with trying to diagnose you in a forum is you are representing how you feel you behave, but a professional might interpret what you do and say that isn't what happened. Self-diagnosis is quite hard, so likely to be wrong.
An example of problems with self diagnosis, is shown in studies that have shown that many people who claim to not be able to control their anger actually have very good control of it when they are in the presence of someone that they fear.
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