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Lets me start by saying, I am a male. And no I am not a medical doctor, however I am a scientist and thus I think I have a great deal of knowledge about biology amongst other sciences.

Second, yes my title is provocative, but it is true. Let me explain by telling you what what a guy thinks (me and all guys I know [most are highly educated, calm, placated, loving and great men) agree to this but we (men) don't really say it out loud, we hold it in and thus it bottles up).

Lastly, I do not support any sort of violence, anger, or abuse towards women or men or any living creature for that matter.

Let me start by saying we have a lot to learn from our cousin, the chimpanzee. In their societies, the men usually hang out, hunt, roam around,.... with other males; and the women with other women. The males hunt and eat all the meat. The females usually never hunt. They males only share their hunt  when they want favors from females or other males. This has a significant analogy in our human society. All over the world, men buy women stuff, and they left and right provide for them and try to placate them. In a way, I can say that we like doing it too. Furthermore, nowadays especially in modern and usually Western societies men are a lot more open-minded and even open with their emotions. So what is the problem? Where does this all go sour?

I believe it is because our inner and ancient ape is juxtaposed with the expectations of the modern, cultured and civilized Man (male or female). We fail to accept our inner ape (because religion has brainwashed most humans) and this loss of our past is the problem.

Remember the meaning of life (unless you believe in fictitious deities) is all about reproduction. It is about fitness (not physical fitness but biological fitness) of an individual in terms of spreading one's genes. In our species, there are countless evidence for past humans not living in situations as we modern humans do. For example, monogamy is highly debated that is not natural for our species. Yes, I am getting to the point that it is all about sex.

From a man's perspective, we have the desire (even if your man says otherwise) to mate with many women. Also, we have desires for levels of attractiveness. So, if our inner ape is not satisfied in this manner it thirsts. This is the frustration most men have. Then the stresses of modern life compounds. And a final drop in the pool of anger which has been held back is something stupid and not significant. Many on this forum have said, sitting too close to him,  touching him,  traffic, ....

We humans have evolved way too fast. And I don't mean our species through time, I mean just us homo sapiens from not so long ago our home in Africa as we moved out of there and made our planet a super modern global planet that we have forgotten who we were. We live in a fantasy world that "humanity" is held at the paramount of our society yet there is still war, crime, rape, killing, ... These are all rooted in the inner ape and all have reasons. For example,  we all hate war but there is still war.... War for power, dominance and gaining control over resources to survive. If you are a victor of a war, you have all I just mentioned. So we can be a humanitarian as much as we want but push-come-to-shove most of us will kill, will command for war if in power, will commit crime... and why not? it guarantees our own desires and most importantly our succession for passing our genes. Don't get wrong (I worry about this so much) I am not saying humanity is a bad thing. But I am just saying lets not delude ourselves of who we are.

In conclusion, for both males and females the best solution is understanding you are not anything special, except a normal Earth evolved animal. To believe anything else is wrong. DO NOT get me wrong (again), I am not saying lets go back and live like the dark times (that is actually what religious extremest are for). I am saying lets start at a good foundation, and get to know ourselves beyond our own egotistical and self-centric (or species-centric) and most of the time fictitious beliefs.

Will above help you? I hope so. My recommendation is 1- put away things that chain you down to a primitive and idiotic existence (aka religion). 2- Accept you are animal, yet a glorious animal that has such intelligence and imagination and beauty way beyond any other creature, but in the end, we are no different biologically. 3- Have more sex. Please practice safe sex and also consider we have greater than 7 billion humans on this planet. We are over crowded as is. Be smart about reproduction so that we are not facing a complete and planetary destruction (as it is currently and exponentially getting worse).

Good luck
Long Live Earth and all other Organisms. Remember that you have a lot in common with all of them. Even tiny bacteria.

If you like to continue this dialog beyond what I have said, I am more than happy to.
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