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Was taking risperidone for anger issues, plz tell me a natural way to relieve anger

I'm so mad that my psych put me on a dangerous medication like risperidone just because i expressed i have a lot of anger, i've had a lot of anger at my family since childhood and as an adult, it's affected my relationships so that i cant be in a normal relationship because I get angry and irritable very fast.
That's all i said to my dr, and he gave me risperidone which actually vanished all my anger and irritability. However, it gave me many side effects, some permanent, so i stopped it.
I continue to get angry very easily, ive been meditating, which has allowed me to actually feel a rush of pressure to my brain and the anger seems uncontrollable. Please help me, I want to be able to have kids one day but im so fearful of being angry towards them, the way my parents were towards me.
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