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Why am I so angry towards women?

*DISCLAIMER*  I am in NO way glorifying or praising my thoughts. This is in no way meant to be funny, I just want to know why/how these thoughts come about.

I have an unprecedented amount of anger/violence towards women, especially attractive women. whenever I see a picture of a pretty girl or I see a pretty girl in person i get pissed because I know I'll never get to be with her or even talk to he because of my SAD.

I'm not a violent person at all I've never even been in a fist fight let alone a damn shouting match, I've never put my hands on a woman before , but all it takes is for me to see a beautiful woman and I instantly picture her nose bloodied and my breaking her jaw or sometimes even then being raped. I remember I would watch movies that happened to have some DV in it, and I would love to see the women get smacked around.

It's an awful way to think ,and idk why I feel like this, but it's just thoughts nonetheless that will hopefully never turn into actions.
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I truly feel you should seek counseling as to why you are having these thoughts and images.  You wanting to hurt someone because they are female and attractive is very disturbing as I'm sure you'll agree.  Therapy would definitely help you get to the bottom of all of this and you deserve to have the answer!  Please seek help so you can move on with your life and fall in love.
I hope you don't drink because who knows what might happen with those potential thoughts lurking in your mind. The problem will never go away on its own so the above advice is the only option to deal with this problem. Therapy might save you a lot of time behind bars.
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Hey, want to comment that you are brave for writing what is 'really' going on in your head.  We all have strange thoughts and many would never admit it.  Yours are a bit scary, I'll give you that.  But admitting that you have them and don't want them is a good thing.  Have you been hurt before?  By not just an ex girlfriend but your mother or sister?  Where do you think the feelings stem from?  
No one can diagnose him from here and most of the time the problem is too complex for people to self diagnose their illnesses, so this needs one on one with a professional asap.
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So, how are you doing?  Have you been back to read our comments?  Would love to talk more about what is going on with you!
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Still checking in----  is this any better?  Have you reached out to anyone for help?
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