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my friend is loosing focus because of several instance having daydreaming.. wat would be the best thing to do not to think of something else. she told me she cant slep and cant conttrol not to think every single hour. so the moment we talkd to each other, sometimes shes out of mind and im so irritated coz shes not direct to my answer. til i found out its her problem. When i talk to her she seemed like not interested or not answering my question at all which turns out to be irritating and i was disturbed on it. what would be my advice to her. i read several topics and articles but i only got definition. pls help.
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Could just be serious ADD (attention deficit disorder), in which case medication will instantly fix that.  The medications for that can have some pretty undesirable side effects though, so your friend will have to take that into account.  If it is ADD, a therapist will be able to recommend or prescribe the medication necessary.

By the way, I am not a professional, and may not be making the correct assumption.

Good luck!
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