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Chest pain radiating into my back, neck, jaw and face, help!

I'm 29 years old,  with heart disease,  a fib, and gerd.
For years I've dealt with this issue, sometimes often,  sometimes months apart.  Last night I was awoken in severe pain around 3am. The pain is so intense it radiates into my back, up my throat into my jaw and head.  It's excruciating pain only slightly helped by drinking ice cold water.  I'll continuously keep burping, with an urge to throw up, an intense pressure that my stomach is pushing things up. After 3 hours of crying pain I vomited. Which helped for a few minutes until the pain upped itself back to over a 10. I took a xanax and omeprazole to try and help. I can't seem to get passed it. Through the day I've taken another omeprazole and xanax,  slept for 5hours,  to still wake up in pain. I'm now on 12 hours of pain.  It's now at a dull constant, with my chest become sore to the touch   which usually never happens. In the ER they have given me a GI cocktail containing adovan and some meds to numb my gi tract. That helped but I can't go to the ER every time. Usually taking more xanax until I fall asleep because I cannot handle the pain anymore.
I can't keep living like this. Please tell me I'm not alone.  Every doctor I've seen just says it's an anxiety attack.  I need help please!
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I have a diagnosed Gerd and with a long list of unexplained symptoms that i suffer from, which i am still seeking some sense from the practioners. For stomach digestion, the thing that seemed helpful after relapse of more stomach digestion issues was a Herbal Medicine " Jawarish Jalinoos " taken 1/2 teaspoon after every meal it takes atleast a month to notice change. On the other hand for severe back pain the thing that have helped me in the past was Voltarol. I still have back pain that gets worse with any physical activity and guess i need to use more of Voltarol especially when you cannot afford private medical help , what else to do ha?
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