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Congestive Heart Failure

My BNP reading is 952.  What does that mean?  I have had CHF for over 20 years and it has never been a real problem until now.  What has happened to me?
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Well only your doc can accurately assess what is really going on with you with testing and she or he has to be the one to give you the directive.  Obviously the BNP blood test is one of the methods that is used to determine the level of CHF  with the highest result being over 1300....but try to remember that as of last year they were still doing the clinical trials of the accuracy of the test.  There are other tests that should be administered as well for confirmation of the readings....
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where can i find more about what a  NT-PROBNP of 1052 actually means to me.?
I've never been diagnosed with CHF, but this reading is making it difficult to purchase term life insurance along with my AFib and med history.

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