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Diet and heart disease

If I ate at or slightly below daily recommended amounts of fat and/or salt for ...let's say a few weeks, and then really blew it one weekend, would I be better off, worse off, or the same as if I consumed the same amount spread out over the same time period?
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Boy o boy anny2 you are really going to make all of us think on this one aren;t you?  LOL
I am totally wondering where your question is coming from with the sodium and fat intake here.  This one is definately dietary based and not my forte...is_something_wrong may have an answer on this one but i think i can safely refer you over to one of our other Medhelp sites "Nutrition" i believe that that forum could answer your question alot better than i can here anny2..wish i could help because you have peaked my curiosity here but i have to be honest and tell you that i too would be interested in the answer to that question for many reasons.  So anny2..when you get the answer let us know okay?  Thanks for the post though and i am so sorry i do not feel i can answer it accurately or even semi for you...i'm going to be looking for your post with the answer tho i'll tell you that!!!!
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