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High Blood Pressure, Angina

Hello everybody! My name is Andy, I am male 36 years old.

Let me give you little bit of my medical history that concerns me:

- Since age 30 I used to have chronic stress, a loving family member has died, and I was also unemployed for some time - really hard period for me.

- By the age of 32 chronic stress has led me to chest discomfort symptoms, headaches, and high blood pressure. I had panic attacks. I have visited cardiologists and hospital, which I came out to be "healthy" and didn't give me any meds for bp. I had plenty of ECGs and Stress ECGs and heart echos, all results came out clean.

- Now I am 36. I don't think I have stress anymore, I have a pretty good job and a beautiful family. But Hypertension is still there....

So, for the past year my average daily bp was 180/110 (<--- yes, true number) for the most time of the day ..... there were days I had up to 210/120, and days which I had down to 160/100 for the most part of the day....I never felt any symptoms other than being light headed. I made a lot of visits to the health center...each time they managed to drop my bp down to 160/100 and I was "really" happy with it since it was my lowest bp in the past years! (imagine that).

Finally a cardiologist gave me high bp meds which I take for the past 7 months... my average bp now is 125/85.

Nevertheless, all minor or major symptoms have faded away and I feel like a normal person , well most of the day...

So my concerns are:

Rarely I do get chest discomforts, a lot of stubbing pain in the chest area (like knife stabbing), I got a heart burn just a few minutes ago (thats why i am here writing this), and a lot of tachycardia with no apparent reason..

well I got my last ECG 2 days ago, complaining of dizzyness, the ECG ruled out dizzyness to be a heart issue, doctor said might be bad posture..but ok.....

well if there was any heart problem the ECG would have shown it right?? I mean all this stabbing pain and heart burns, ECG was clean so I have nothing to worry about right? or do I have to worry? The cardiologist said I am fine (based on the ECG)...how long does an ECG cover? months? years? could there be any heart damage after all this time with very high bp? or stress is back and i get my old chest discomforts...?

how should i rule out any of these symptoms since the cardio told me I am fine? should i visit doctors with different specialities? (neurologist, pulmonologist etc?)
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does supplements with  Hyaluronic Acid Sodium raise your pressure
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Hi there,
You have high BP. Were you given a 24 hour ABPM  test? Its a 24 hour BP monitor. Its a bit annoying, but costs little and is non invasive. It gives a 24 hour average and gets rid of the 'White coat ' period of time in recording your numbers
Heartburn is often a sign of stomach acid , reflux. It is easily treated. It can be discomforting and cause chest and stomach discomfort.
The ecg is a simple but useful test. It covers the here and now, but can also show signs of possible issues like lvh or a previous heart attack. In the main it shows the electrical function of the heart.
If you had damage from prolonged high BP, it would show on the ecg , most likely as lvh. This is where the hearts left ventricle enlarges due to high bp over time. you dont have this showing on the ecg it seems.
Its obvious that the bp meds are successful for you given your current numbers.
I think the best thing is to trust your doctor. He sees this every day and is also in posession of all your medical results
Keep us posted
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