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Intermittent Pains across bottom of breastbone

So a little history I was born with WPW (a heart condition with an extra electrical path in your heart). In 2004 I had an ablation procedure and had it fixed. I have not had an episode like that since. I have, however, been diagnosed with anxiety. I have had numerous EKGs, Stress Tests, Echos, holter monitors and even an event monitor. None of them showed anything. However, I hadn't had any in about 2 years. I am a 33 yo male. Recently, I have been struggling with my anxiety again so I am maybe in a heightened sense of awareness.

But I have been having these intermittent pains that seem to go across my torso around the level of just the bottom of my breastbone. This isn't behind the breastbone just more across the bottom portion of it. The thing is these pains only last for about a second. I mean maybe three seconds max for one of them. They can happen at any time, but are more frequent when bending forward. Some days they are minimal and some days they are frequent and a little more severe (like today). I have actually experienced this on and off for quite a while. I first remember them happening probably 6 years ago. However, I have gone years at a time between flare ups. This time they have been going on for probably 2 weeks now.

My normal mind tells me this is more than likely not cardiac related. I just had an EKG on Monday where everything was normal, but did not get the pain while the EKG was being taken. However, my irrational anxious mind keeps wondering if it could be some sort of angina and a signal. Two years ago I also had an abdominal ultrasound that was normal except a couple of what they told me were hemangiomas on my liver. Realistically it is most likely some sort of acid reflux from the added anxiety, but when I take acid medicine it does not usually subside.

Just seeing if anyone else had anything like this. Thanks for listening!
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Well, doubt its the wpw.. I could send you some info on chest pain via pm that may help.
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