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Irregular pain left side near armpit sometimes near left chest

I am 23 yr old male.On 25 of November after going for and doing some push ups which I normally don't do , at around 4 am in the morning I felt pain near my left under arm and some part of my cheat , because I had fear of these things as my father had an angioplasty some 30 days ago I immediately rushed myself to emergency of hospital where they took my bp , sugar which was normal and then they make me lie down and connect me to a ecg machine and took reading and first ecg report said abnormal and then they took my blood for some kind of test which tells about heart and heart attacks and then they took another ecg after 30 mins which was same as previous , on asking they said this could be normal and they would have to do a eco test . In the meantime blood report came and was normal and also they have me painkillers which somewhat eased the pain and they took me for eco test was was also normal. I was discharged with pain killers and gas medicine after 6 hrs an I felt normal. This is the first part.
After this I was normal and even went to a wedding drank and smoked but on 1 December I went to running again and did push-ups which I felt was very hard and then at around 2 am in the morning I felt same pain but this time I felt it even in my abdomen and rib cages and more sharply in my shoulder which I am feeling even right now while righting this and the pain switches from left side to right side of body and sometimes in part of cheat. It's been 6 days with it .
What should I do ? Pls help
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