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Mild Coronary artery disease

Hi. I am 47 years old male. For the past  15 months I am suffering with chest discomfort, pain, pain in arm neck.Starting from ECg and up to treadmill tests were done stage by stage . all test reports were normal. Tread mill - 13.15 mts and negative result.But as the pain continued Dr. prescribed Nebulet  2.5 mg  and later increased to  nebulet 5 mg. I am a controlled diabatic for the past 10 years.
As there was no improvement in the pain , Dr advised tocarried out CT angio and the result was negative with 0 value.
As the symptom continued , DR advised for angiogram. 15 days before Angiogram was done. The result is like
LMCA:Normal LMCA divides in to LAD and LCX,
LAD: Is a Type 1 calcifictortuous vessel and shows mild diffuse mid LAD disease withmyocardialbridging, mild diagonal disease.
LCx: Is a non dominant vessel, LCx and OMs are normal
RCA: Is a dominant vesseland shows minor proximaldisease. PDA and PLV are normal
Impression ; Mild Coranary artery disease.
But now the Dr to continue only the Nebulet and nothing more. My pain continues and last week I am also getting cough.
Totally confused . Please advise
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Hi there. Overall you had a fairly good Angiogram, with Mild problems but no major blockages! Usually they wont do anything with blockages till its over 70%
Is the discomfort while at rest or while exercising? How is your BP? Have you had any lung tests? I presume your CT covered them?
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