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OM artery 95% blockage

My angina test reveals 2  blockadg at LAD which requires 2 stents. And 2 blockage 95%each at LCX. Which is defficult to access. Doctor said it will be cleared by medication.
My question is the condition serious? And it can really be cleared by medication.
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Hi there. Im not a doctor but will offer an opinion. The info you supplied is very scant.  Was it a cath test you had done?
You certainly need some type of intervention.
Blockages in the LAD are serious and not to be taken lightly. The good news is that stenting is highly successful when combined with lifestyle changes. ( I have had a few LAD stents myself)
Its unclear where the LCX blockages are? Your doctor is obviously satisfied to treat these with meds? Otherwise it would be stenting or even CABG (Which would be very invasive)
I think you will find that the meds will control the LCX problem. Meds dont get rid of the blockages as far as i know. They can  prevent it worsening.

Blockages are a serious situation which need cardiology treatment. Be guided by the experts who are in possession of all your medical data and records
Keep us posted
Thank you for your answer. Yes I had a catht.test and 2 stents were inserted on LAD.But the 95% blockage of the om1 & om2 ( branching from lcx) will be treated by medications .
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