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RHD- Severe Aortic Regurgitation

Hi, I am 37 years old.I had a history of Rheumatic Heart Disease at the age of 12. and was following the penicillin Injections [Penidure] till the age of 20. After that it was discontinued on my own.

Two weeks back, i have had a severe chest pain while traveling. And  have done a couple of test like ECG & 2-D Echo

The results were as follows:
Mitral Valve : Thickened Leaflets
Aortic Valve : Trileaflets, thickened and non-coapting leaflets
Color & Doppler : MR Grade II
                             AR Grade IV
                             TR Trivial, JET GRDT 15mm Hg

L VIDd : 6.80 cms (3.5-5.5 cm)
L VIDs : 4.80 cms (2.4-4.2 cm)
EF       :  60.00% (50-70 %)

Conclusion: Rheumatic Heart Disease
                    Severe Aortic Regurgitation
                    Moderate Mitral Regurgitation
                    Normal LV Function (EF - 60%)

Doctors suggested to go for a surgery. I am here to look for a second opinion.

Is there any chance to avoid surgery, and go for medication and strict life style?

What is the average life span after the surgery? or success rate? Since i am 37 years old, mostly they will go for mechanical valve.What are the complications for that..?

What is the complications if i didn't go for surgery? and the expected life span??

Please advice me on this.

Thanks in advance.

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