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I was recently diagnosed with Angina. My grandmother had it for as long as I knew her. I'm only 44 years old. Does Angina shorten your lifespan? I currently take Lisinopril for high blood pressure, and Metroprolol for rapid heart rate/heart palpitations. Is there any treatment for Angina, or anything I should do for it, or is it just something that you have to live with?
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How were you diagnosed? Did you have an angio test? Were there blockages?  Sometimes if there is a blockage, a stent can be done.
Are you on cholesterol med?
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I to have had a Angina attack and I now have been given a spray to use under my tongue if it happens again hopefully this wont happen has I was very frightened but my doctors have been great I am off to have another ECG soon to see if its one of my meds that`s making me have them.Though my father had angina for a few years
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