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Scared I am having heart pains

I have been having pain in my left arm since August 1st and at times it feels tired and heavy. I have also been having pain on the left side of my neck and both sides of my face.

On this past Thursday evening I got a few chest pains, not terrible but it scared me because of the othe other pains I have been having so I went to the ER. They told me protocol was to admit someone for 24 hours when they present with pains similar to mine for hourly blood work and observation. All my blood work esp the one that looks for heart damage were normal. The only one they said was abnormal was my d dimer and it was only 7 points above normal. They wanted to do a contrast ct scan of my chest but because I have reactions to the contrast they performed a VQ scan instead and it was clear no PE. They also performed a non contrast ct scan of my chest, a 2D echo and an EKG which they said were all normal and so I was released the Friday eve.

All was okay the rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the exception of the left arm pain. This morning (Monday) however was a different story. My 4 year woke me up around 5 this morning wanting me to make her a cup and lay with her in her bed. When I got to the fridge I got an uncomfortable feeling/pain in the upper left side of my back and a tad into my upper arm, I never experienced a pain like this before and by the time I got to the bed room I started getting a pain in my chest, it wasnt a surface pain though it was in there and I cant really describe it. It wasn't a sharp pain and I have never had a pain like this either. I laid down hoping it would go away but it continued. It wasnt a constant pain. It would strike for a couple seconds stop, strike a couple seconds later and on and on. I started to wonder if I should call 911. I was really scared. I am not sure how long the pain went on but it was more then just a few mins but it must have eased up some as I fell back asleep while wondering if I should call 911.

I am a 36 year old female, I am overweight and I am in the process of quitting smoking. I dont have high cholesterol but I have low good cholesterol and have had high triglycerides since I was a kid. My blood pressure is mostly normal, it was actually 93/53 when they checked it in the hospital while I was laying down though its not that low when I am standing. Sometimes it's a tad high but most of the times it's normal. I do have heart arrhythmias pvcs and svt and I have been having some really strange symptoms for over a year now, a lot of vascular skin issues and I have been suffering from lightheaded spells and in the process of trying to figure out why. I have a family history of sudden death on my fathers side. Both him and his father died suddenly at 50 and 51. I am unsure about the rest of his family as I never met any of them including my father.

I called my cardiologist trying to get a sooner appt as I have a 6 month follow up for arrhythmia August 20th but they had nothing sooner. I then tried to get an appt with my primary care dr or his PA but they had nothing available till first week of September.

I am really scared to go through what I went through this morning. It was a scary experience. I keep wondering if I had a heart attack this morning or if not if I'm on the verge of one. I had a stress test a year ago and it was normal.

Any thoughts?
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