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Second mild heart attack, doctors not performing an Angiography, is it ok?

My mother in law ( 66 Years old, diabetic and hypertensive ) got a heavy breathing problem; when we took her to the hospital they said she had a mild heart attack and after performing the ECG they realised it is not the first one but rather the second one  but the first one went unnoticeable ( they called it silent). Her cretanin level is very high and her kidney is 60% damaged, there is also water retention in her lungs, so they said that taking an angiogram test would be risky, as it will damage the kidney further. So right now they are just keeping her on meds in ICU ( for the last 3 days), she is also put on oxygen and sometimes ventilator. I am worried that she is not getting the right treatment, is it wise not to go for an angiography? How would they know what has happened to the heart without the test? She seems ok now  ( to a certain extent ) but the doc is saying  that if she gets the third heart attack any soon it could be fatal. What is the best that could be done for her ? I need advice . Thanks
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Hi there. the doctors seem to be proceeding with caution. I can understand this. There is a lot going on, so perhaps even an echo would be a good test as its non invasive and gives good info on heart valves and heart pump function. Perhaps the docs will review things once the Edema is got under control.
Kidney function will need to be looked at too, but things will happen over a period. Its hard when you want a quick fix for your loved one, but its a game of slow moving right now. Be patient.
as you are aware things are complex , given that diabetes is also present along with hypertension.
The due in angio test can cause further kidney issues, so this is the main reason for the caution on angio test.
right now the best advice is to heed the docs decisions. They cant afford any setbacks, so they are not in the game of risk taking.when things stabelise and improve, the opportunity for further tests/ evaluation will arise. For now just be patient and give her all your support and love
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