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Should I visit a specialist for my sudden heart issues?

Hello All,

I am a 26 year old female smoker weighing 109 pounds. I have been suffering from increasing chest pain the last week. Randomly I feel a sharp spike in my chest which causes me to have to stop and wait until it passes. This generally occurs during normal activity. I also have been having extreme shortness of breathe, almost fainted, random pain in my shoulder/jaw. I became even more alarmed when I randomly felt sick to my stomach yesterday night and vomited. I do take ADHD medication but only 15mg a day.

I know it may be uncommon for my age but I can’t get past the symptoms and sudden acute pain!

Should I go straight to a specialist or my pcp doctor?
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You should go to your doctor and get it checked out.
It may be something small, but to re assure yourself, get to your doctor and be checked
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See your PCP quickly.
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