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Stents vs bypass

My dad has had 5 stents in less than two weeks put in. Each time he has the stents added, 3-4 days later he has a heart attack. Could his body be rejecting the stents and is bypass an option? Also, he is in 3rd stage kidney failure, are the stent procedures further damaging his kidneys?
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Usually the stents are put in place to save a life not cause more issues.  The reason that he may be having issues w. his heart a couple of days after the stents were put in is that he may very well have had a plaque build up in the first place and when they inserted the stents it may be caused the plaque to break lose impeding the blood flow temporarily which makes sense to me.  Generally heart attacks are caused either but the plaque blocking blood flow or a clot and i am sure that the docs have your dad on a blood thinner to protect him.  His body has to have time to adjust to having the stents in place and his heart accepting the fact that he now has a clear path for the blood and oxygen to flow which is a wonderful thing.  Have you talked to the doc about the kidney failure?  Usually the two do not go hand in hand but you want to get a grip of this issue before he ends up on dialysis which is a lifetime journey.  Good luck i would call the doc and ask them exactly what is going on w. my dad and how long before he passes the line when he is out of danger w. whatever was causing the heart attack because that is the more acute of the two situations but you need the doc to get a grip on the kidney situation as well........
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