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I had a minor stroke 4 days ago and I also have a very rapid heart rate. My doctor sent me for a Cat Scan and blood tests yesterday. I have since eliminated alcohol, cigarettes, fats & sugars from my life. Can you tell me how soon & what type of exercise I should do to improve my well-being, also if the stroke was caused by fatty deposits do these deposits go away in time by retaining a healthy lifestyle.
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Hi i read your post and the best advice that i can give you is to go to the top of your screen to the Medhelp forum site and click onto the "stroke" forum...obviously you are more than welcome here however that site will connect you with people just like yourself that has gone thru what you have.  Generally when people stroke out as we say it is caused from either extremely high blood pressure or throwing a clot.  If you are trying to lower your pulse rate however there are all kinds of things that you can do for yourself.....they are no caffeine of any type and this means coffee, iced tea, any sodas that have color in them, no red wine, no energy drinks, no chocolates, etc.  One of the major things that you can do for yourself is to make sure that you stay hydrated and rested. Meaning that you need to drink just plain water on a regular basis because dehydration can really set off episodes of a rapid heart rate.  Hopefully you are being given a beta blocker to help lower your pulse rate and i am wondering if you didn't have this stroke because you threw a clot during an episode of the rapid heart  beat which is common.  That is why most docs have us take an aspirin a day or for some people blood thinners.  As far a fatty deposits go...yes you can help yourself with that thr a good diet and exercise because you don't want them to calcify.  Your doc really should have given you a regimen to follow but i am sure that our stroke site can help you out with that and other community members will be able to give you suggestions.....i hope that you do well in your recovery my friend ......
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