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Trigger points

I went to docs 2 weeks ago as I felt hot and sweaty a few times, my left shoulder and to a lesser extent my chest hurt. The doc (a locum) said could be panic - he asked ME if it was panic, could be angina. He prescribed a GTN spray and said to try it and see how things go.

The spray has no effect apart from making my head ache and the veins on my head stand out like I'm a bodybuilder! I still am having these symptoms, while sat in the waiting room tonight I  felt hot and sweaty and shoulder hurt, passed after a few minutes,  same thing happened while I was going walking.

Bit of history, I lost a lot of weight last year, overdid things and I do have very minor thickening of left ventricle posterior wall, have a fast heartbeat with runs of bigeminy, take low dose of propranalol for that. I've had worries of heart problems for a year, concerned it's angina. All tests are normal ECG, exercise ECG, blood tests etc. I've not had an angiogram.

The doctor today listened to my description of symptoms, said his gut feeling was it was not heart related, he said the shoulder pains were muscle trigger points in my shoulder. He examined my shoulder and pressed quite hard on a couple of points, it was a similar pain, I actually broke into a sweat too. He has suggested some exercises where imstretch my shoulder and press hard on these points, says it should improve in a week or so although may not go completely. He said the reason I am sweating is because I am anxious I have a heart problem and any little twinge sets off what basically is panic.

I'm just not sure though, I wondered what anyone else feels about this or if they have experienced anything similar.
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