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What are my unexplained heart pains and their after effects?


About 14 months ago I suffered a VF arrest and was resuscitated with CPR. After testing I was told I was Ok and there was not much to worry about but I am still having some symptoms I believe are related. Sometimes I will have a strange pain in my heart that will make me feel kind of dizzy and make my left side feel weak.
However I should also mention I do have some existing problems with the left side of my body due to a brain tumour resuction on the right side of my brain in 2006. The side effects of this resuction have left me with a partial numbness in my left side (mainly my leg) and slightly less dexterity but this is not constant. When I feel the pain in my heart it brings about a strong feeling of weakness, stronger than than the usual numb sensation in my left side, in both my arm and leg, which can last strongly for a couple of minutes and less strong for a while after. It can also leave me feeling slightly dizzy.

I am young (27yo) and generally quite healthy, not over weight, eat a fairly good diet and exercise regularly. I drink and smoke once a week.

Thank you
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