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heart disease

my wife is 44 years old & at very high risk of heart disease with diabetes high trigicerides low throid obesity low activity pain in chest on left side for past 4 days should i call doctor or not to see if its heart related also she had a pitiutory gland tumor young that caused 20 years of no mensrual cycle & still no cycle please let me know if this pain on left side of chest could be heart related thank you ***@****
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The number one rule with health is to NEVER wait to see if it "could" be heart related.  This is very important.  Humans sometimes have what is called a referred pain meaning that a pain may start somewhere else in the body when it isn't even near the area that is being effect.  Take someones appendix for example...generally when someone has an attack with it it sometimes starts at below the belly button and will move to the left side of the body and eventually the pain becomes very intense and then will end up exactly where the appendix is so you have to be careful....however with the heart its pretty much on the nose when you have pain in the chest....the heart sits between the nipple lines and only very very slightly to the left....the heart is the size of our left fist....so if you are saying that this pain is on the far left side of her chest well i would consider the location of the heart but if in doubt always seek medical advise if anything within your body makes you feel uncomfortable or painful...this life is short and we only have one shot at it.  Only a doctor can confirm if her issues are heart related or not but again if its on the far side of the chest well................................
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