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how to i start

hi all, i am new to this corner of medhelp, and my question is "where do i start?" i am looking for a thread perhaps containing the "must know" abbreviations, medical terms and other angina specific / this post about angina information.  Having been in a previous support group on here, and when i was stuggling in learning the ropes, i found an 'old-timer' who referred me to a thread to read- which got me started on the right path of information?knowledge seeking about that particular disease.  
Now i am faced with Angina- and want to learn as much about it as possible, bcuz i will not lie to you, I am terribly scared right now.  I was just told at hosital last night that my descriptions of these"episdoes/attacks" plus my EKG show that there has been 'insult/injury" (canot remember the Dr's specific words) to my heart, and they told me it was angina i was experiencing during my attacks, and they Rx'ed me Nitro, Metroprolol 50 mg & 81 mg of aspirin.  Already i have learned a heart term - apparently doctors like to say insult to a heart.  
so- i guess my question would be described as asking for any info for a newbie to get started on uderstanding.
thank you all
also sorry if this is in the wrong place- i didnt know which particular place to put it
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If you are looking for research to do i would check into the Cleveland Clinic site by goggling it out for a start......then i would move onto the Physicians Desk Reference which is a publication that physicians use as a reference and possibly from there go to the New England Journal of Medicine.............those three will give you a jump start on research...good luck with this............
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