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not sure what wrong

Im an 18 year old male in very good physical condition. my family has no history of heart conditions on either side. about 2 weeks ago while on a trip to Colorado my friend suggested that i snort 5 mg of adderall before drinking 5 beers. not aware at the time that this is a very stupid combination, i proceeded in doing so. now although im not entirely sure that this was the cause of my ailment (which i somewhat doubt since it was such a small amount), about two days later i developed mild chest pain on both sides that came and went every 5 minutes or so, accompanied by a sharp pain in my lower back, which i believed to be my kidneys. i continued on with this pain for the next 5 days carrying a heavy hiking pack, and camping in the mountains. the pain stayed relatively the same, except that my upper back became stiff as well, and i had occassional sharp pains and twitching in my abdomen and back. upon arriving back in minnesota my neck became very stiff, and although i stopped smoking (i smoke roughly a cig or two daily) after the scare of the chest pains, i shared a cigarette with my friend, and woke the next day with a bad sore throat. my neck then became extremely stiff, as did many of my joints. it has been three days since i got the sore throat, and it seems to be getting better. my neck is hardly stiff at all and my joints have loosened up a bit, and the chest pains are hardly there at all except for occassional aching, but my main concern now is my left arm. there has been a constant tenderness under my left armpit against my ribs which seems to coincide with  an aching pain that travels down the underside of my arm, and seems to be causing twitching in my tricep and fingers. any ideas?
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Have you seen a doctor for this yet? This is serious especially after the drug misuse! I've witnessed it first hand with my brother in law. All it takes is one time to mess with your heart! Go to doc, even if it has been a month since it happened.
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