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patient to suffering from Type I LV DD

A patient developed kidney infection and  high blood pressure. The kidney infection was diagnosed and treated through IV, the high blood pressure failed  to normalize after kidney treatment, the kidney were still passing some proteins in the urine after treatment. His legs started swelling and he was diagnosed with heart problems as indicated below.
(i) Hypertensive heart disease, (ii) Type I LV diastolic dysfunction (iii) Concentric Left ventricular hypertrophy  

What was the probable cause of heart disease, which is the best treatment and is there likely of the patient suffering from heart attack
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there is a drug called Losartin that helps the kidneys and the heart as well as high blood pressure. I would ask the cardiologist about it. hope this helps
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A heart attack could contribute to this but it’s much more complicated in his case.

There are a lot of comorbities and “reasons” for this heart failure and you can’t really point to any one specific thing and say “that’s it!”

The treatment here is to manage the kidney problems, hypertension, Diabetes (if applicable) and yes; quite possibly perform heart catheterizations to look for coronary disease.

The patient may be started on heart failure drugs. Depending on symptoms and severity of the disease they quite possibly could get a pacemaker (CRT Device) implanted *if* those medications fail and the disease gets worse.

It all just depends on the patient though. No 2 cases are identical here.

As a family member the most helpful thing you can do is probably just encourage a healthy and more active lifestyle. Make them go outside and walk if they are able. Cook healthy meals with low salt, added sugars and animal fats. If they smoke, make them stop.. that sort of thing.
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