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porque duele el corazon.

Hello, I have 24 years of age.  For several months I have been presenting/displaying an oppressive pain around my left breast and sometimes jabs very strong all in the same zone, sometimes gives me dizziness and with much saliva in the mouth. Also I feel that my ears are going to explode, I am very scared since I believe that to be some cardiac disease, complete jab was so strong that leaves me desperate of pain, I have not been able to go to the cardiologist since the appointments are hard to get… I have taken the arterial pressure and is of 110/60 and of 120/70 and pulsations are 80 and 90 by minute, I have problems of obesity, my parents have hypertension problems. Please give some advice or guidance on what to do. thank you very much!

Hola, tengo 24 años de edad, hace ya varios meses que presento un dolor opresivo a la altura de la mama izquierda, derrepente es como una pezades o quemazon y a veces son punzadas muy fuertes todas en la misma zona, a veces me da con mareos y con mucha saliba en la boca, tambien siento que mis oidos van a explotar, estoy muy asustada ya que creo que podria ser alguna enfermedad cardiaca, la ultima punzada fue tan fuerte que me desperto de dolor, no he podido ir al cardiologo ya que las citas se encuentran copadas...me he tomado la presion arterial y es de 110/60 y de 120/70 y pulsaciones entres 80 y 90 por minuto, tengo porblemas de obesidad, mis padres tienen problemas de hipertension. por favor envieme algun consejo u orintacion sobre lo que podria estar sucediendome. muchas gracias!
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Hi Carola i just read your post. The wonderful news is that your blood pressure and pulse reading is great so don;t worry about that.  Your blood pressure is well within normal limits for someone your age and i would trade pulse and blood pressure with you any day of the week so relax on that part.  Some of the things that you are describing to me sound like the possiblity that they could be dental related believe it or not.  Sometimes we get something that is called referred pain or pain or infection that comes from another place in our bodies and shows up in other areas. The thing that makes me think that maybe you have an infection in your gums or teeth is the extra saliva, ears being full of pressure, pain in the left breast and the dizziness.  Have you had any type of fever lately by chance or any issues with your teeth or gums?  I am just giving you an educated guess here but it really doesn't sound heart related to me.  This could be anything from a sinus problem, allergy, dental, etc. With heart disease and heart attacks it is usually described as "pressure" or a weight in the center of the chest where your heart actually is.....you may want to see about seeing your regular doctor for this one Carola....if you don't have any issues with salt you may want to try to rinse out your mouth 3 to 4 times a day with warm salt water because that does help temporarily with infections but a doctor needs to give you an antibiotic to get a grip on it....call your regular doc first...because your parents have high blood pressure does not mean you have it and if you do have a issue with your weight  and your blood pressure is that low you are in better shape than you think you are...good luck and let us know if we can help you further and good luck and please let us know what happens okay?  We care about you.......
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