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significant imporvemnt in heart EF

Is it Possible after 25 years for the heart EF and Afib to make a significat improvement - 35% to 53%? from periodic afib to no afib?

I was diagnosed with LBBB and had pacemaker installed in 1992. I am now on my 3rd one. in 1992 my LVEF was said to be 61%. My ability to perform task has steadily decreased.

on or about 2000 diagnosed with afib with an EF of 38%. In 2008 MUGA said EF is 49% with ECHO at 38%. In 2012 Afib with EF at MUGA at 41% and ECHO at 35%. This month they was testing to determine if an upgraded Pacemaker or Dfib needs to be installed ECHO said 35-39% MUGA said 53% and no Afib.  

So is it possible for the heart to make this level of improvement with symptoms remaining the same. I cannot walk a football field without resting. Can not walk up a single flight of stairs without stopping (23 steps).
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