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3 dogs, varying ages, all with seizure-like symptoms

We have three dogs, ages 16, 12, and 7.  First the oldest, then the middle, and now the youngest one are all exhibiting stroke or seizure-like symptoms:  head tilted to side, one eye not focused, not blinking as much, trouble walking.  The older two are female and are being treated with Prednizone, which is definitely helping.  The youngest one began exhibiting today, will see the vet tomorrow.  I looked at RoundUp as the cause, but it doesn't seem to fit the bill.  Any thoughts?
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Sorry that I cannot be of much help.   All of your dogs would have to be exposed to a neurotoxin simultaneously, and in that case I think some more medical investigation is required.  

Round up would have to be ingested to cause problems, which is an unlikely scenario.

Hopefully, the seizures  will pass with treatment and will not be an ongoing problem.
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