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Allergy or Fat Level in Diet

7 year old small 50 pound Lab with seasonal allergies - had annual exam in May- switched food from Weight Managament Purina One to senior food with no soy, wheat or corn.  After a month on new food, dog started chewing spots on legs after its normal seasonal allergy timeframe was over.  His fur also turned course and began to fall out in large quantities although he did not develop bald spots.  It appeared to be breaking.  We switched his food back to the Purina One Weight Management and also gave him Fish Oil Vitamins and sprinkled food with Olive Oil.  We found this was a big no with him developing Pancreatitis and he also became jaundice and liver counts in the 1000s on blood work.  He had an ultrasound to make sure he did not have any blockage, it was negative.  He was sick and would not eat which is not normal for him.  He eventually started eating and we were able to feed him with vet approval boiled ground turkey and rice.  He is now on Royal Canin HE GI food - 1 - 2 cups a day and last blood test about 6 weeks ago was normal.  We do not give him any people food and any treats are small and limited.  Once again, he has started chewing his leg and his fur is becoming coarse again and starting to fall out.  Any idea what might be causing this?  Is it not enough fat in his diet now?  Are there any supplements that we can give him that can be a measured amount to prevent pancreatitis and give him the fat he needs?  His normal seasonal allergy time period is February - April and we think it is from the oak trees in Florida.  Or is there something else that may be causing this.  Our dog normally has very soft fur and we hate to have him wearing the E-collar. Thanks for any information you can provide.
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Canine seasonal allergies are a life long battle especially in Florida!

Weekly organic oatmeal baths, distilled drinking water, a natural dog vitamin supplement to boost internal immunity and a product like chlorpheniramine maleate tablets to help stop itching work well to relieve and resolve this for many dogs similar to yours.

Diet is a big issue and low carbohydrate home made diets can be wonderful for this.  Properly made they will help to resolve this and will not upset your dogs pancreas.

I am glad to discuss this with you specifically, please feel free to contact my veterinary office
Best Wishes
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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