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Anxiety in cats and inapppropriate urination

We have 3 cats. One 13 yo male, one 8 yo female and one 2yo  male.
When we borught the now 2 yo male into the house the female hated him. They ahve been fighting since then. The 8 yo female has now develope dhte habit ove rthe past 1 year of hissing at herself, bioting her tail and chasing her tail in circles. She is timid to eat, always looking aorund ofrht ehother cats.
Now she has started bakcingup to the wall and spraying and 2 times I have caught her actually urinating onto the kitchen counter and once the wall but it as not spray it was urination.
Th vet has checked her thotourghly and declared she has not physical confdition adn tha this is behavioral.
She asked us ot find a home with no pets and no children but we could not. She has now put her on anti-pderessants. Thsi is the 2nd week and I see no improvement. Alctually I caught her urinating against the baseboard jsu theother day.
What else can I do?
Will this cat need to be put down?
thank you
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I assume your female is spayed (if not do so ASAP).
We have great success with generic prozac in cats with behavioral issues
such as yours.
Your Veterinarian can prescribe this and a trial of 4 months may solve the problem.
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Most cats do not enjoy living in close quarters with other cats. Your cat is showing typical symptoms of being very stressed.

You should seperate their feeding areas (different room / area of the house for each cat) and give them a seperate litterbox each. The house as a whole should have 1 more litterbox than the number of cats you have (ie you should have 4). Litterboxes should be kept immaculately clean. Give each cat a high area they can escape to (top of a lowboy / cat palace etc). Try using a Feliway diffuser (calming hormone).

I personally do not believe it is ethical to give a mind-altering pill for most behavioural issues that we have created ourselves.

If none of the above makes the situation better, you should rehome either the female or the young male.
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