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Any help out there?

My dog needs a few surgeries already, he is only one and a mini australian shep, he has luxating patellas and an elongated soft pallet. How much would surgeries like these cost? AND, Are there certain, say vet schools, or things like this that do surgeries on dogs/cats for just the cost of the anethsia? I am starting to look for help out there now. He needs the soft pallet surgery now. He will need the other surgeries when he is two or older. I love my little boy and just wanted to know if there was anywhere out there that could help a full time student working part time. Its hard when you are basically giving your dog CPR every single night around 2 am.
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The veterinary school in Davis, California is excellent and would be a valid consideration for your dogs palate surgery.

Hind leg luxating patella(s) are one of the most common musculo-skeletal issues problems in dogs.

Smaller dogs like yours, usually respond very well to natural vitamin supplements for luxating patellas.

Resorting to surgical patella correction is recommended for large breed dogs however this surgery is less than optimal for smaller breeds like yours.

Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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