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Apple Cider Vinegar for UTI?

I have a dog that has had IMHA, she has been fine for over two  1/2 years, it has been three years since she had the full blown case. She was given Amoxicillen for a UTI  it is the antibiotic that started the illness ( it has been determeined). She is on Baytril right now as she gets UTI's so often, about 2-3 a year. ( currently has a UTI) Someone pointed out that using Apple Cider Vinegar can help bring the PH back down ans stop her from having these issues. My 11 yr old girl has always gone up to 8 & 9.  She cannot have any opperations so if there were stones, they just have to be there, she also cannot have any shots whatsoever. She is well taken care of.

What is the low down on Using ACV?  Does it work? Can it cause any problems?

~ Thanks    
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Cranberry extract has worked very well for our canine patients with urinary track and PH issues.

The cranberry will reduce your dogs urine PH so it stays in the acid range generally 5.5 to 6.5 is ideal for most dogs.

You can also purchase urine PH strips over the counter at a local pharmacy and check the PH yourself.

Diet plays a major role in Urine PH as well. What do you feed?

If your dog had a culture and sensitivity run on her urine, that would tell you the exact bacteria responsible and give you the best antibiotic to eliminate it.

Conformation of a dogs vulvar area can also be a factor. Dogs with a sloping vulvar area, tend to get recurrent urinary tract infections because the bacteria from the stool migrate up the vulva and into the bladder. Keeping this area, free of hair and very clean is helpful in these cases.

I would be glad to discuss this further, review lab work and offer very specific recommendations for you.

Best Wishes
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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Thank you. After the last UTI I started giving her Solaray D-Mannose with cranActin,  It has 15 mg vit C, 500mg D-Mannose, and 200mg Cranberry extract. Tomorrow or Friday I will take her in to get another check on her urine. I did not have her urine cultured this last time. This vet said it was hard to do, but I have had it done by past vets. She is on Baytril due to she cannot have any penicillin type products. I do have the urine strips, that was alerted me to her UTI. I just read that me giving her bananas, apples, pumpkin, can actually raise the PH, as will as many vegtables. I was using these things to give her Proin pills as well as the Solaray pills. I made her chicken, rice and potatoes today and trying once again to feed her the chicken broth often. I also bought some Fat free cottage cheese in hopes that the sodium will make her drink more water.
I also missed  a dose of her antibiotics one day this past week, so that might have hurt her ( I just thought I had given it to her) .

What amount do you recommend of the cranberry extract that would help her? She is about 55-60 pounds.

Thank you, I will also try and get the details of her next lab work and fax them to you.    
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2 capsules or 400mg of the cranberry extract twice a day, check the urine PH weekly.
Dr Carol
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Thank you, I am going to try this. Also got her test results back today, her last dose of Baytril was this morning and no issue's, but we will do a recheck in 7-10 days. I just called my vet's office to ask about Proin. I think I am going to have her start taking it twice a day. When I gothome today from the vet's I had noticed her urine on the floor. I have been giving her more fluids to help keep teh bacteria washed out, but I guess she did not realize she needed to go. I am going to continue making her chicken broth and give that to her at least twice a day with her food.
On top of this today, my other dog had another (mild) seizure, second time I have witnessed this. ...he is on thyroid medication for this and I had to call the vet about this today as well.
Thank you for helping on this !!!  
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