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Blue bumps in ears

Stray cat in neighborhood, three houses know about the cat, no one knows whose it it. Yesterday, I was able to get close to the cat, and am worried about blue bumps in her ears. She is female, young, very nice, very skinny (but her tummy was full), and does not mind her ears being touched (on the outside). I thought her ears were just dirty, but it looked like mold, blue bumps all over. I have no idea what it is, what to do, or where to take her.
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Taking her to a vet is of course a priority, whether you wish to adopt her, find a home for her,  or take her to a no kill shelter, where they can hopefully find a home for her.  Do an online search to find this type of shelter, or call several vets in your area explaining the situition.  The vet clinics may offer free services for strays, or may know of other clinics that do.  They can also refer you to shelters in your area.  

Once under veterinary care she should have a complete exam, be wormed, tested for FELV/FIV, given vaccines, and have her ears treated.

The ears could be full of ear polyps or a severe mite infestation, or a combination of both.  Other problems include other types of ear and skin neoplasms, or enlarged, inflammed sebaceous glands from chronic ear infections.

Skin infections, such as ear mites can be cured with anti-parasitic medications.  Ear polyps and enlarged sebaceous ear glandular tissue can be caused by allergies.

If she is FELV or FIV positive it may be more difficult to fight off infections, etc.

Skinny but with a full tummy could be parasites or she may be pregnant.
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