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Bump or Growth on Kitten's nose

We found 2 stray kittens almost 3 weeks ago. They had eye infections (swollen/red around eyes, so much gunk that eyes were matted shut, upper respiratory) and the vet gave them eye ointment and oral antibiotics for 2 weeks (they finished 2 days ago) and seem to be better except for the occasional sneeze (the other one might be squinting a little today). I am not sure if it was bacterial or viral, but my husband and myself caught it, and the antibiotic eye drops have helped. The kittens are very energetic, have gained weight (mostly in the belly) and are always playing (sometimes very roughly). They tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV, were wormed, received feline distemper shot and Revolution (for fleas and ear mites).

Today I noticed a bump or growth on the nose of one of the kittens. It is completely covered by his white fur, but sticks out 2-4 mm, goes from the middle to near the top of his nose and is about half as wide as his nose (maybe 3-5 mm wide by 1-1.5 cm high). I would think he just has a weird crook or bridge in his nose, but it is not centered and doesn't seem completely symmetrical. I pushed gently on it and it didn't seem to move and he didn't act like it hurt (I think). There is no obvious wound, but his brother and him play fight a lot, and they bite and scratch at each other. They are indoor cats now, and have been out with our other cats for about 1 week and have been eating regular adult food (dry) since then instead of kitten food (dry). I swear that he did not have this bump at all when we found him, or even a few days ago. My guesses range from an allergic reaction, some sort of bite (though it doesn't seem to bother him), some weird cartilage formation, abcess or cyst from a wound, or a benign tumor or cancer. Thank you for your help.
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Could be an abscess from a bite from housemate. Have your veterinarian "aspirate" (withdraw fluid or contents fro it) for microscopic analysis to determine this.

Dr G
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Thanks. We took him to the Vet yesterday, and he thought the same thing (that it was an abscess from a bite from his brother, even though there was not an obvious wound). So, he gave him more of the antibiotics that he had been on for the eye infection (Clavimox), and it has pretty much gone back to normal.
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