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Can Cold Blind a Cat?

When we went outside this morning, we found one of our outdoor cats just sitting outside in the cold for some reason (it got down to just under  20 degrees F overnight although it might've gotten just a little colder than that with wind chill), and he didn't look very good, he was just kind of sitting there and swaying back and forth very slightly, so we went outside to take a look at him and see if he'd been hit on the highway or anything, but there appears to be no cuts or scratches on him, he doesn't seem to have any swelling or soreness (we picked him up and pet him awhile and he just purred like normal), but when we tried to call him to the barn to give him some food and get him in someplace warm, he came, but he kept running into stuff like he couldn't see.  At the door to the barn, he even ran into the wall beside the door first.  He's never had any problems like this before, in fact he's one of our cats that seem the most active and are out and about the most, but now it seemed like he was blind.  We went back out after a few hours and he still seemed to stop and listen a lot and tripped over a food dish, and was walking slowly, but he stopped about an inch short of running into my legs, so I don't know if smell or hearing tipped him off or if he was seeing just a little bit.  Anyway, my question is if cold could make a cat go temporarily or permanently blind and if so, is there anything to do to try and help him?
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I think when it is that cold cats should be inside.  Cold can cause a variety of problems much less stress.  

However the symptoms you describe sound more like a stroke (CVA Cerebral Vascular Accident) or another form of neurological problem.  Won't know until the eyes are examined.  

He should have a complete physical exam immediately.  Neuro exam, eye exam and overall health check.  I would keep him inside no matter what!  

Let us know what the vets find.
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Sorry for posting this twice, I didn't mean to.
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