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Can't keep balance or walk right

I have a kitten, I found her outside of my apartment maybe 3 weeks ago. She was very playful and sweet. I have 3 other cats but 2 out of those 3 didnt like the newcomer so one day when my kitten was sleeping on the couch they picked on her and she got 2 puncture wounds and then the next day on one side of her neck was swollen and underneath her jaw and her throat on that same side, like it was her lymph node that swelled up (and it was weeping clear fluid around where her lymph node would be, just weeping through the skin not from a wound). I washed her with an antimicrobial shampoo I had that the vet gave me for one of my other cats when he was a baby and had dermatitis. I put her in a kennel with a towel with food and water. I also noticed one of her ears on that same side is kinda dirty and whenever i used to scratch behind that one ear she would shake her head like it was really itchy and uncomfortable for her. So I dont know if it is an infection due to a puncture wound and had a high fever and maybe got brain damage? because she still purrs and eats and drinks and cries when she needs to go potty. OR if its an ear infection thats throwing off her equillibrium? I am so worried about her and I dont want her to die or have to be put down, I want her to be okay :'( I named her Samara.
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Cat bites often result in abscesses which require drainage and antibiotics to heal. Ear infections can affect your kittens nerves and a loss of balance is not uncommon in these cases. Your veterinarian can help to treat the abscess and ear infection. Once these issues are cleared up, your kittens balance should return to normal.
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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