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Cause of Death - 13-year old male toy poodle

My 13-year old male toy poodle had symptoms of lethargy, anorexia, panting, hind legs weakness, gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, hair thinning, poor eye sight, enarged heart, and other symptoms suggestive of thyroid problems as I found out after his death.  The vets in Alabama were unable to diagnose and they referred me to an internist for an ultrasound.  The internist suggested that there was a intestinal obstruction which he said was life-threatening, and he recommended exploratory surgery.  The surgeon found NO OBSTRUCTION--the internist had misinterpreted the ultrasound.  The surgery was on Feb 14, and my pet died on Feb 21 due to complications.  The surgeon kept my pet for 4 days and he released my pet to me while he still had diarrhea and anorexia.  The surgeon gave me no prognosis or possible complications to watch for, but he only asked me to take my pet back in 2 weeks for suture removal and recommended a normal diet.  I believed that my pet was recuperating slowly due to his age.  I tried to feed him a liquid diet but he refused to take it.  A day before he died, he had a seizure and rushed him to the emergency clinic.  The vet there did not perform any diagnostic tests; he only put my pet in an oxygen cage and asked me to pick him up the following morning.  Later that morning my pet was lifeless and rushed him again to a veterinary hospital.  The vet there told us that he was in a coma and although she tried hard to revive him, he passed away at 1545 of Feb 21.  To feel a closure for my dearest pet's who was like my lost child, I need to find out if all these symptoms were suggestive of Cushing's disease, why the internist misdiagnosed the ultrasound, and why he died 6 days after surgery although the surgeon never mentioned the possibility of this outcome.  Why the seizure?
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Could you please get a copy of all the blood tests, urinalysis and any other test results and post them here so I will better able to help you.   This is a serious and complicated question and I really require as much information as possible, so that I will be able to do the question, and your dog justice.  Thank you!  Dr. Cheng
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Dear Dr. Cheng:

A few more comments that might be helpful.

A couple of days before surgery, my dog's voice had changed, and I did mention it to the surgeon.

His referring vets had my pet on METACAM for about 30 days because they believed he had minor arthritis (hind legs) pain.  His symptoms then gotten worse. . .They asked me to stop the medication when they realized that the med was hurting him.  Then they asked me to let them have him 3 days for observation and testing (X-rays, barium, meds, etc.)  Still not conclusive diagnosis.  They suggested pancreatitis or GI track problems.  Since they could not give me a confirmed diagnosis, they then suggested ultrasound.

My pet was also on Enalapril (3 years) then the cardiologist in Birmingham changed it to Benazopril (Nov 07).  We spent 9 years in Europe working for the U.S. Government and came back to Madison, Alabama, in Sept 07.  The European doctors had prescribed Enalapril.  

The referring veterans never called after the surgery to provide assistance and follow-up care.  I didn't know then that the referring vets had to follow up--I found out that later. . .

Thank you again

The surgeon gave me two kinds of antibiotics, Clavamox and Baytril plus more METACAM.  When I called the surgeon after the seizure, he told me "Stop all the medications!"
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I will be more than happy to post all tests that I have on my pet.  Just how do I do that?

Thank you
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I suspect that you will have to list tests results yourself, in a post...... Karla
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Thanks for your comment.  I thought that there would be a way to display the results as they appear on the paper the vets gave me.  Besides, I wanted to post the biopsy results and the final report before my pet's death.

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Dear Katrina,

You will have to just type in the results manually.  Only post the ones that are abnormal.  Biopsy results and all medications will also help.  Was a post-mortum performed?

I am here to help!
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