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Chinchilla Ear Infections

I have both a male and female Chinchilla for almost 3 years.   My male has always been healthy, but the female has had a few ear infections in the past.   Each time I have taken her to the vet, had the vet look for mites and find it was not caused by mites.   He would give me ear drops to go home with which cleared things up in a week or so.  

The question I have is.... is there another way of treating a non mite repeating infection ( 1 every 6 months or so)?  Her ear always get brown crusty bits and a very foul smell.  There is usually some wet fur under her ear from drainage.  

I have heard to try vinegar?  and/or hydrogen peroxide since it seems to others like  a yeast infection.  

What are your thoughts?    


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There is at least one holistic formula which can be used for chronic ear infections.  It is called: "Qing Er Tang" and is safe for cats so it should be safe for your Chinchilla.  Other holistic over-the-counter topical ear formulas, such as the ones containing "Tea Tree Oil" are toxic for Chinchilla's.  The average dose for Qing Er Tang is 0.5 grams (1/4 teaspoon) for 10 pounds of body weight.  You will probably only need 1/10 of a teaspoon for your Chinchilla.  Qing Er Tang is available online in various forms.  Please see if you can get a cat formula since it would be less concentrated.  Please always give medication under the advise and supervision of your veterinarian!
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