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Chiropractic for Wobblers?

Hi!  You may remember Jake and his endless and undiagnosed vomiting (which is better, down to 2 or 3 times a week).

My question concerns Wobblers syndrome.  It appears as though he has it.  We're just at the beginning of a workup, and may not even be able to afford to diagnose it "conclusively".  In short, for 6 or more months, I thought he had arthritis due to his stiff rear end, swaying gait in the back, occasional yips of pain when jumping off the couch or bed...he's an older dog.  Even the vet last year said he thought it was probably arthritis when he noticed the stiffness.
Started him on glucosamine and chondroitin, and I thought he seemed a bit better until this week, when I noticed he would stand on the knuckles of his R front leg from time to time.  He is having a hard time getting up from laying down.  He can't seem to bend his front legs to pick up a treat tossed to the floor--he sort of splays out all 4 limbs to the side and can't get up.

Yesterday he awoke in horrific pain, and was barely able to walk, though if assisted to his feet he walked in a very uncoordinated manner and knuckled the R front foot quite a bit.  On exam, his front legs are very stiff, and gait uncoordinated when walking slowly.  Less uncoordinated when he got him to trot a bit.  He fell over when turning.

Many xrays later, not much was found.  Very, very little arthritis for his age.   The vet is leaning towards Wobblers, started Rimadyl and Toradol for pain.  Did not RX steroids for some reason.  He's having his xrays looked at by a neuro, but I understand that xrays will not likely tell us much.  

Anyway, if it is Wobblers, I am reading that chiropractic seems to be able to help many of these dogs?  What is your opinion of this?  Is there any evidence of improvement with accupuncture?  Any herbs you can recommend that may help?

He's doing very well today, just a bit unsteady on his feet, pain seems to be 95% gone, which I'm grateful for.

Thanks in advance!
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A combination of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Tui Na (acupuncture related chiropractic), Chinese Herbal Medication such as Cervical Formula, and Body Sore, physical therapy, and the addition of Omega 3 fatty acids (4000 mg per day in divided doses) would be very helpful.

Please have him checked for Von Willebrands disease also.
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