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Combining Chinese Herbal Medicine

Hi Dr. Cheng,
Thank you for your post on June 2nd in response to my question.

My dog is a thin three-legged, 45lb border collie and had his ruptured intestine shortened 2 years ago.  He recently got severe diarrhea from when a little bit of Missing Link with glucosamine was added to his food. He still has hind leg weakness and can’t go up or down the stairs anymore or walk more than a few blocks.  I’m very concerned that he’s food intolerance is getting worse, he can’t even eat rice; he’s become hypersensitive to food that he was able to eat a couple of months ago.  

Right now, he’s taking Stomach Happy and Acetylator by Vetriscience for his stomach.  His diarrhea subsided and his appetite is excellent, but he’s lethargic and doesn’t want to walk.

Dr. Cheng, you recommended Si Miao San as well as Di Gu Pi San, Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang -- Bu Qi Zi Yin Tang (if he had spinal issues) -- and Stomach Happy. I’m putting off the adequan shots until his GI issues are resolved.

My questions are:
1- Can he take Stomach Happy with Si Miao San? He got loose stools when he initially took Si Miao San alone at the recommended dosage.
2- Do I add Di Gu Pi San + Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang (+ Bu Qi Zi Yin Tang) one by one to the Stomach Happy + Si Miao San combination?  

So, in the end he’d take Stomach Happy + Si Miao San + Di Gu Pi San + Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang (and maybe Bu Qi Yin Tang)?

3- Do I put Chinese medicine in his food with his probiotics, digestive enzymes, and vitamins?  Or, should he take them apart from his meals in a little bit of food
4- How long should he take these herbal remedies? 1 month, take a week off and then start again? Or, can he take them all indefinitely?
5- Should he take ginkgo biloba, I read somewhere that the Si Miao San and ginkgo combination is good for Cushing’s symptoms.  He had a lot of the Cushing's symptoms until the end of March.
7- Is bonemeal the right calcium for him to take?
8 - Is chicken a good protein source for him?

Thank you.

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