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Demodex Mange

This past Sunday, I adopted an approximately 18mo old female shih tzu. In early Jan 2010, her and her three puppies were dropped over a 6 foot privacy wall at the rescue organization. The mom and pups were nothing but skin and bones, fleas and demodex mange. The mom, which is who I just adopted, was adopted out a month later still recovering from demodex mange. Currently, her coat is short but fluffy but needs a good grooming due to knots. Her previous adoptive parents returned her to the rescue org due to frustration/vet bills due to the demodex mange. Three weeks later, here we are. I know only what the rescue organization and what I read online about demodex mange. I know her previous owners had taken care of her as best as they could (she's up to date on all of her vaccines, spayed, came with meds, toys, etc.) but I want to know what can I do to help my new furkid with demodex mange? She has black parts to various parts of her skin and she has a dirty dog smell even though I gave her a bath a few days ago.
She's on Ivermectin .2cc once daily/orally & Hydroxyzine 10mg every 8-12 hours for itching.
They gave me Sebozole shampoo (haven't used yet) and also an oatmeal shampoo. She's eating a top notch dog food without soy, wheat, corn, etc. And her weight is about 8-10lbs (no more skin and bones!) She was treated with frontline in October by owners; no sign of fleas.  

Although she drinks and eats well, she doesn't go to the bathroom much.  2 pees and a poop yesterday and NOTHING today!  Maybe its nerves? Being in a new environment?  I am not sure.She seems to salivate a lot but I read that could be a side effect of the ivermectin.  

How long does it take to clear up the demodex mange?  Will the black areas turn flesh color when she is better?  What else can I do for her? http://bellasphotoblog.blogspot.com/ has a picture of what she looks like with one of the areas effected.  There is also her "before" picture from Jan.

Thank you for any assistance.
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Demodectic mange is associated with a defect in the dogs immune system. Demodectic mange does not usually cause dogs to itch, as opposed to Sarcoptic mange which causes intense itching.

Revolution, a monthly topical for fleas works like a charm to clear up Sarcoptic mange. The protocol used to treat mange is different than that recommended for fleas. Veterinarians use Revolution at 2 week intervals, topically until the mange lesions are cleared.

Immunity defects associated with Demodex can be helped with diet and supplements to boost internal immunity in addition to medications prescribed by your veterinarian.

I hope this information is helpful.
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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I finally got her to poop and pee.  I am not sure why she holds it all day/night but I am glad she went.
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Do you suppose she's spent most of her life in a cage and has HAD to hold it for long hours? Just a thought.....Anyway, Thank you for adopting this girl!!!          Karla
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