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Dog Breast Blister

My dog just had a litter of three puppies and then about two weeks later she started getting tired and looked very gloomy, she wouldn't eat or walk, and we thought she was going to die.The n a few days go by like this and my dog now has a hole on her breast, looks like a blister blew up. Really need advice and whats wrong and will it get infected if we don't treat it. Thank you for your time and I really appreciate it.
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I agree.  An infection like this can be fatal so you should get to a veterinarian today for proper treatment.
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Your dog has a severe bacterial infection of the breast (mastitis and an abscess) and should go to the veterinarian ASAP for treatment. She and/or the puppies can die from this, so this is an emergency. When she is well, she should be spayed so that this does not happen again.
Kimberly Coyner, DVM
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