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Dog having seizure, losing feeling, eyes glazed over

my moms dog sometimes pants real heavy, wheezes, looses feeling in his back legs (for about 5 min). Yesterday was the worst and she thought she was going to lose him. He did all those things but his head kept falling (like he was losing conscienceness) and he was panting harder than ever. My dad got a cold rag and wiped him down with it, that seemed to calm him down a little. I read this can be seizures, allergic reactions... all sorts of things. They have taken him to the vet numerous times for the same thing and no one has an answer. The only thing the vet told them to do last time was video tape it ... WHAT????  
Can anyone help out with this?

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In young dogs  idiopathic (cause unknown) seizures are common, can be life long problems and can be controlled by medication and herbs.  Syncope (fainting due to heart disease) can resemble seizures.  Your vet wants you to videotape an episode so that your vet can try to distinguish between syncope and seizures.  A videotape must be used since it is very unlikely that your dog will perform an episode on command i.e.:in the vet's office, so taping is not so far fetched.

If your mom's dog is older than 5 or 6 years old, it could be something in the brain.  As I have just answered in a previous post  common causes of seizures in geriatric dogs include brain tumors, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections in the brain, or metabolic causes.  

Seizures can also raise body temperature, so a cold rag wipe down could help.

The fact that your mom's dog pants and wheezes could mean lung or heart disease.  So heart and lung disease should also be investigated.
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