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Dog with missing hair on nose

Hello! My dog minnie went to the vet a few days ago for diarreha, and I also mentioned to them that she had (what appeared to be) a scar on the top of her nose.  She tends to rough house a lot with our other dog and dig in the dirt sometimes, so it wasn't surprising.  The "scar" was just kind of like a rough lump on her nose.  It has since came off and there is hair missing.  It just doesn't look like a cut or anything like that to me anymore...I'm going to try to attach pictures.  Could it be something else or am I just paranoid?
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I have view the photos, they were very good, and your dog is beautiful.

If the hair loss is just secondary to a healing traumatic skin wound,  it may resolve on it's own.  Her hair should begin to regrow with in a week.  If it is itchy than she should be examined again ASAP because hair will not grow back with constant scratching.

Please have your vet perform a skin scraping, bacterial and fungal culture, and ringworm check on the hairless area  The possibilities include mites, such as demodex, a fungal or bacterial pyoderma (skin infection) due to an underlying abscess, trauma or foreign body (splinter, awn), yeast infection, skin allergy to a toy, other object, or something in the dirt, or auto-immune skin disease.

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