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Ear infections

My dog had chronic ear infections her entire life and my friend told me about Zyymox she got from her Vet. I tried some and wow..it finally worked when all else failed. My Vet was not aware of it, though I called company that makes and they said any Vet can order as it is carried with all the companies that sell to the Vet hospitals. I then went online and wow there were so many other people...hundreds...whom has the same expereince...that this product worked better than anything...yet all vets don't carry...why is that. One lady mentioend she even went to a specialists whom gave to her and someoen else said they were going to take their dog to the shelter cause they couldn't afford ear infections anymore but then heard about this....Are you aware of it and why don't all Veterinarians carry this..its also all natural...no side effects. Vets carry but also on 1 800 Petmeds and great reviews.??
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Veterinarians carry products of their choice and since this product worked for your dog that is very good
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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