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Followup2 post on SCC

This is on a 10 year old cat, scc of a nare, prestage or stage 1.

You advised getting a MRI or CT scan prior to surgery as it would tell if the tumor could be removed successfully;by what margins.

I cannot afford such a scan.
This cat has has serous nasal discharge with sneezing for at least 6-7 years.
Tests negative for calci, herpes and chlamydia; negative for HIV and the other killer virus.

X-rays taken of the skull prior to dental cleaning showing some calcification; question whether there is a comcomitant cancerous process in the nasal passages or elsewhere. The cat's appetite is poor in part due to the nasal discharge; he suffers from constipation, mostly due to hair he ingests, now under control. Despite the dental cleaning; almost all teeth gone there is a decay smell to his breath.


Are there any other clinical signs or blood tests that might give an indication if he has cancer elsewhere, and/or lymphoma? If the 7 years of sneezing is caused by cancer
I would think he'd be dead by now? There is no evidence of tumors in the mouth and xrays did not show any obvious signs of tumor. Below the line --- is a quote from the pathologists report for your information.

Also important question, the vet wants to go ahead with nare surgery which will remove a substancial part, if not all of his nose. What are the chances that surgery without a CT scan will act to spread the cancer and what are the benefits/costs of doing surgery on this cat without a CT scan?

Sections of small punch biopsies reveal a focal proliferative lesion consisting of islands and finger like projections
of pleomorphic squamous epithelial cells within the superificial epithelium extending into the deeper dermis. There is a significant scirrhous/desmoplastic response to the epithelial cells as they infiltrate into adjacent dermal tissue.
There is a moderate suppurative inflammatory infiltrate associtated with the invasive epithelial cells.

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I think that if surgery could be performed radically enough to include all of the cancer than there might be a benefit to surgery, however getting clean margins sounds impossible.  A partial surgery may help your cat in a mechanical way to breath better.

There are few cancers that are that slow growing, i.e.: 7 years, but what could have begun as chronic inflammation could have evolved into SCC.

Please decide if you would like to try an integrative therapy for your cat, which could include a sparing surgery and the use of holistic or standard chemotherapy agents.  The holistic chemotherapy agents I recommend in some cases for SCC are: Polymva  (www.polymva.com),  Neoplasene (a blood root extract), Hoxsey Formula, Stasis Breaker, Max Formula and Wei Qi Booster (the last three are available at Jing Tang Herbals, but you will need a prescription from your veterinarian).
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