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Given you the above information about the Cat's kidney illness what do think the disease is?

Here is my questions:
What could the kidney disease be? What medical treatment is available for our cat Tux?

Thank You

Kind Regards,
Chad & Angela Collins
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I am so sorry about your cat!

Kidney disease can be caused by congenital disease, toxins and poisons, such as antifreeze ingestion (ethylene glycol toxicity), and infectious diseases such as feline peritonitis or feline leukemia, among other diseases, trauma to the kidneys and other causes.  

Your cat tested negative for feline leukemia, I believe, but there really isn't a definitive test for feline infectious peritonitis.

Has your cat had frequent bouts of urinary tract infections?  These can also contribute to kidney disease.

It would be a good idea to have an abdominal ultrasound of your cats kidney's to help rule out congenital disease, cysts, and more.

It is also very important to keep your cat eating a proper diet.  Unlike dogs, cats with kidney disease can do well on high protein, low carb, no grain diets of canned origin or home-made.

Daily sub cutaneous fluid therapy is also necessary.  Your vet can instruct you in home fluid therapy.  This is the cat equivalent of dialysis.

Any urinary tract infection must be treated promptly, so have the urinalysis performed often.

Rehmannia 8 is a Chinese herbal formula which is a valuable supplement to help kidney disease.  It is available online.  The dose is 3 teapills orally twice daily.  If in capsule form the dose is one capsule orally twice daily.

Azodyl is a medication available from your vet which also helps with kidney disease.

Phoslo, Epakitin, and other medications should be added to the protocol if there is elevated phosphorus in your cat's blood.

If there is decreased appetite please have your vet prescribe an appetite stimulant such as Periactin, or Mirtazapine.

If nausea occurs due to the kidney failure than the anti-nausea medications: Cerenia or Reglan can be added to the regimen.

Omega 3 fatty acids at a dose of 250mg orally twice daily should also be given.

Cosequin or other glucosamine supplement should also be given daily.

If your cat becomes anemic, he may need Erythropoietin.  This can be administered by your vet.

Autologous Stem cell therapy has shown promise for kidney disease.  It is just in the research stages currently.  But please google for information, if interested.

There are some veterinary schools that perform kidney transplants.  The closest one to Ohio is  the Univ. of Pennsylvania, College of Vet. Med in Philadelphia.   It is costly, the cat who donated the kidney must be adopted by the recipient's family, and it may not be an option for a cat who has developed kidney disease due to an infectious disease.  Please call  your local veterinary school to ask if they perform the procedure.
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Our cat Tux, has been given a bun test and phospherous test.
Cat tux is dehyrated which we believe this is related to our cats kidney
disease. Cat has had distemper shots and we believe this shot may have caused
the kidney disease. The cat has had Feline leukemia test for cancer. Cat has no
cancer. Kideny blood test bun results are 87, which shows the Cats kidney is
elevated. I understand the bun need to be 30. Cat was 8.1 pounds on July 6th and
then today october 20th 2010 Tux our cat weighs 5.4 pounds. This drop in weight
is 25% drop in weight which is signicant drop in weight for the cat's size. This is
a big concern.

What could be  the cause of Tux whos a  sweet cat having kidney problems
since the cat is so young only a 14 months of age?
What is the medical treatment for kidney disease ? Any new cutting edge medication
to help our sweet cat Tux?  

Thank you all medical professionals, animal experts and lovers of animals for sharing
education and diagnosis of what the kidney disease could be and sharing possible medical treatments  with us for our  sweet cat name Tux.

Warm Regards,
Chad & Angela
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