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Golden panting and very weak front legs giving out
Prsenting with panting, general weakness, front legs giving out.  Still eating, peeing and pooping fine.  Vet tested for Lyme, heartworm he is stumped any ideas?  She is getting weaker and weaker and it is killing us.
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There are many, many possibilities, as weakness is completely, nonspecific. The physical exam and history may give clues as to the direction to pursue. Duration? Worsening? Stable? Prior episodes? Recent travel? Does the dog have a normal rectal exam?

The first question then, is what organ/system is primary. Could it be nervous system? Could it be endocrine or related to internal organ function?

Assuming all lab work but calcium and phosphorous normal, and chest and abdominal  films also normal and all lymph nodes inside and out are of normal size, then running down the elevated calcium is in order. The urinalysis and urine culture are essential.

Some things to consider are

Addisons disease
non-azotemic kidney disease (renal secondary hypoparathyroidism)
neoplasia (cancer) of various forms may elevate calcium (esp lymphoma, and anal sac adenocarcinoma)
Thyroid disease
There are many others

In such a case, an orderly stepwise workup for weakness must be done to get a diagnosis. This may require SERIAL lab work to allow comparison and trend identification.

If not confident that progress towards a diagnosis is occurring consider a second opinion with a board certified internist (credential is DACVIM). There are several here in CT.

Good luck!
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