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HI & THANK YOU FOR READING MY QUESTION.  I had 2 yorkies sick since last weekend.  One went to vet on Monday and tested Neg for Parvo and Coccidia.  vet said he could have distemper but symptoms werent enough to verify that,  Doc gave him a steroid/antibiotic shot and by 11pm that night he was 85% better,  Now mind you he hadnt ate since Friday and we were forcing gatorade down his throat every hour.  He was  also vomiting and had diareaha.  I just knew he had Parvo.  Again, vet said NO.

Now, his brother started the SAME thing Sunday night (last weekend).  He went to vet on Monday and although Doc didnt do any test on him he just said the same as his brother possibly Distemper.  He has since started eating a lil and will now drink water when given to him, but he is so  weak he cant stand to pee or use bathroom.  you either haveto hold him up, or if you dont catch it, he pees on himself.

He is also taking Albon.  Vet said it may help and he had the same shot his brother did.  It seems to have worked for his brother and it is helping him  eat and drink, but he is still so weak.  Is there ANY thing you can think of that I can do?  test I should ask vet to run?  Anything you think it may be?  Junior, the one that is sick now, had NO shots until LAST saturday, and then that is when he started acting "sick".  He hasnt vomited or had diahreah in 24 HRS now.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks Melissa
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I am sorry about your two puppies!  I am going to assume that your puppies never had vaccines, or never completed the vaccinal series?  No protection or inadequate protection  could cause susceptibility to severe diseases such as distemper or parvovirus.  

Your dog could still have parvo, but many other viral, bacterial, or parasitic diseases can cause similar gastrointestinal symptoms.  

The parvo test performed at your vet's office could have tested negative if the test were performed early in the course of the disease,  at which time not enough virus was being shed to appear in the feces.  

Distemper virus has very similar symptoms as parvo but is difficult to detect.  Distemper titers can be performed but will only tell if your dog was adequately vaccinated for the disease.   If your dog has been vaccinated for distemper virus,  the titers can determine if he has enough antibodies in his blood to fight off the distemper virus, but not if he was exposed to the disease.

Whatever the cause of your dogs' debility, treatment will be the same.  Treatment would include antibiotics, fluid therapy, possible anti-parasitic medication and other symptomatic therapies.
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